ESI Europe project extended for one year

The European Commission has granted an extension for the ESI Europe project for another year, postponing the end to January 2022.

ABANCA se une a GoSafe with ESI en España

ABANCA ofrecerá financiación ventajosa para inversiones en materia de sostenibilidad energética al amparo del proyecto H2020 ESI Europe y su solución ‘GoSafe with ESI’ en España.

Genera 2020 awards GoSafe with ESI

GoSafe with ESI has been awarded by GENERA2020 in Spain as one of the best innovation and technology research projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Launch of GoSafe with ESI

The ESI Europe consortium is proud to launch GoSafe with ESI, an integrated solution to help companies from multiple sectors use energy more efficiently with guaranteed savings.